John R. Mott

John Mott worked hard his entire life to give to others. Today, the fruits of his efforts are continuing to do just that, through the John R. Mott Scholarship Foundation.

Mr. Mott believed deeply in the value of education. Proud of his heritage as an Italian American, he established a legacy to assist other Italians from Calabria who need help in pursuing higher education.

Beginning in 2001, the Foundation has awarded a growing number of scholarships for higher education to young men and women in Calabria. The primary requisites are the students’ financial need, academic and civic achievement, and commitment to use their skills and knowledge to help the region. Scholarship applications are reviewed by the board of directors of the Foundation according to established criteria in a blind review process to ensure fairness. Scholarships are awarded and academic performance is monitored to ensure that the recipients are living up to the vision of the program.


John R. Mott Bio

The amazing story of how a poor youngster from Calabria was able to find success in the new world.

John R. Mott's Vision

After finding success for himself, Mr. Mott wanted to establish a legacy to assist others from his homeland.


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